Hi everyone! I am new here, and while I have a couple PRS guitars, I just picked up a 1993 PRS EGIII, and have a few set up questions.
The main problem I have with this guitar is that when I put on a set of 10's (What I use on my other guitars) and set up the action just like my other guitars, this sucker is very hard to play. It almost feels like I put on a set of 11's. Am I missing something on the EG that others don't have? I tried a set of 9's (To light) a combo set (Kinda funky) every measurement and action adjustment I have made has been cloned from my CE22, and this thing plays way hard, kind of like my old Strat I had. Just night and day from my CE and McCarty, am I missing a piece of the puzzle?
Thanks for any help!