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Thread: "End Of The World" Guitar?

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    "End Of The World" Guitar?

    So I have this guitar idea I can't stop obsessing over...

    You know that whole "End of the World" discussion tied to the end of the Mayan calendar? That date is 21 Dec 2012. Never to be repeated again.

    The Mayan calendar is comprised of 13 "baktun's" and this is End-of-Times scenario is framed by the end of the 13th Mayan baktun.

    EDIT... This spec sheet (below) was revised on 6 Sept

    Base Model: DC22
    Control Layout: DC22
    Scale: 24.5"
    Frets: 22
    Neck Carve: Santana
    Body: 1-piece, flat-sawn, Mahogany (hand-selected for tone and weight)
    Top: Cocobolo
    Neck: Figured Mahogany
    Fretboard: Mexican Blackwood or Ebony (gotta be black) with 11.5" radius
    Fretboard inlay: (
    Frets: Same as West Street Limited with hidden tang
    Headstock Shape: Santana
    Headstock Color: Gold Leaf with etched gold PS Eagle and a banner reading "End of the World"
    Hardware: Gold
    Bridge: Stoptail
    Pickups: Humbuckers (splitable) or P90's in maple and stained Azul Maya
    Color: Clear nitro over back, top and neck
    Binding: Bound body, neck and headstock in flamed maple stained Mayan Blue (http://www.nationalgeographicexpedit...0945539_71.jpg)
    Case: Silhouette hard case with Leopard print interior (Mayans loved Leopards)
    Guitar build date: 21 Dec 2012 (The end of the 13 b'ak'tun on the Mayan calendar) DC22
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