OK, I know, I've already written enough about this HX/DA amp, and you're tired of hearing about it. I don't blame you for skipping this thread, especially if the threads with amp eye candy are more fun to look at.

All I'm going to do here is write about what a tremendous instrument this amp is. PRS, Doug and team got this thing so completely right, that I am literally floored by how it sounds, and how it feels every single time I plug in.

The background for me is that I've been on the planet a long time, started guitar stuff in the late 60s, and have had a lot of great amps over the years. I know what an original hand-wired classic blackface Fender sounds like, because I bought mine new back in the day, and played plenty of them. Same with lots of other great classic amps. And several of the better new boutique amps as well. I love amps. They're hugely important, certainly every bit as important as the guitar. It always amazes me when I see someone with a great guitar and a mediocre amp. I mean, WTF?

So, this HX/DA...

I started keeping a notebook of amp settings for the amp. I always do that until a new amp becomes so instinctive that I no longer need the notebook. Well, you don't need a notebook with this amp. Set the dials to any position, the amp sounds good. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that this amp can make any guitar sound good! Want a little more midrange growl? Easy. Turn the midrange knob. It is going to sound good, just dial it in. Getting a harsh sound with a particular guitar or speaker cab? No worries. Turn the treble down and lower the presence a little. There's not a sweet spot, it sounds good wherever you put the control, just dial it in. There's really nothing that I want out of an amp that this one can't do.

But what gets me more than anything else is the sensitivity and the feel. It's the most "controllable from the guitar" amp I've ever played! Want a little crunch on a note? You can pluck the string just the right amount and get it without touching a knob or hitting a footswitch. Want more headroom? No problem. Dial it in.

And the quality of the tone is so good that I have been dreaming about it. Literally! Come on, I love this thing! It's like suddenly discovering that you can sing. That you have a voice that's really, truly, your own voice, you're not trying to sound like anyone else.

As I said, I've had some wonderful amps over the years. And I've been enthusiastic about them for good reason. But I feel like Columbus discovering America with this amp.