That's right - limited edition. STRICTLY limited to 30 total.

All you have to do to get one is find me at Experience and ask - if 28 people haven't gotten to me first, you can be the proud owner of this limited edition keepsake commemorating one of the highlights of Experience 2011.

Okay, 30 total, but I said 28...well, I'm getting one. And Hans, of course, gets one. After that, the 28 are available to the whoever gets to me first. No holds, no promises, no reservations.

Okay - if PRSH wants one, he gets one. That's a frigging no-brainer. And Shawn - I'll extend the offer to Shawn for his past assistance. Or for the extra merch he slips into my bag (JK!).

If the badges are the same size as previous years, these are a nice fit. And hopefully they bring someone luck!