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Thread: NAD: CAD 2 Channel H and Matching 4x10!

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    NAD: CAD 2 Channel H and Matching 4x10!

    NAD!! 2 Channel H Head and matching 4x10! Has the Variable Boost Mod.

    This shipped a while back, but I saw it tonight for the first time.

    WOW!! Killer looks. This is my gigging rig in Ottawa, will look fantastic in a dark bar at a gig!

    I spec'ed the Maple color a while back, but had no idea it would turn out so awesome!

    Tone report coming soon. I already know that the 4x10's are great, based on my new one at home, and I have played through an H before, I am pretty confident it will be a GREAT gigging amp for me! (Especially with the Variable Boost Mod.)

    (Also had a PS NGD today, it is like Christmas for me this week! )
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    That is a thing of beauty! An H through a 4 x 10 is friggin' awesome, congrats!

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    Amazingly gorgeous. Looking forward to a tone report!
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