I've been wanting a PRS for a long time but have always looked at other guitars other people said were great. The best guitar I've ever owned in terms of tone and quality imo was a Ibanez Universe 7 string. Had to get rid of it because of a job lay off a few years back. Lately I've gotten a great job and I'm at a place in my life where I feel like I can appreciate an instrument that is on another level. I knew I wanted a custom 22. After having little luck on CL and ebay I went to guitar center and found a used 20th anniv. SC with #6 pickups I believe. I played 6 different PRS', all 22's; with different pickups. Luckily for me I fell in love with this 20th anniv. because it was the cheapest at $1500 and it just had this earth crushing tone that no other PRS had in the store. I thought for sure I would like the SC245 more, but nope. I've seen 2 other 20th anniv. online that didn't look like they had the same pickups. I don't know as much about PRS pickups but look forward to learning. I know that the pickups aren't all that great in an Ibanez basswood RGT, lol.
At, GC they let me play a modern eagle hollow body that I thought about buying but then I woke up and didn't feel like breaking Dweezil Zappa's heart.

I look forward to geeking out with yall and learning a lot more about these guitars. Thanks for the welcome.