Hello! I bought my first PRS a few weeks ago, a 2000 Custom 22! I played a friends CE22 about a year ago and ever since playing a PRS, I had to have one for myself!

I have a 'setup' dilemma though I'm trying to fix and the wife has been getting edgy with how much time I've been spending with my guitar lol. Trying to get it just right with adjustments can take longer than picking up and playing for 15 mins to an hour. Help save my marriage and get my guitar setup properly, please! Also, for my mental sanity because I just want to play at this point!

So here is my problem, I'm still getting buzzing in the frets ranging from 5-10ish. I can get the guitar buzz free pretty much with single notes, but one power chord and BAM, buzzzzzz! I've been doing TONS of reading all over the internet and I feel like I could give a class now on truss rod adjustments, relief, bridges, the heights to use, pickup heights, etc, but clearly I could not because I can't get my own guitar right! >_< *Just to note, I have Dan's guitar set up book and also, I've tried playing softly and with perfect technique, it still buzzes.

So here are my numbers. .005 at the first fret when pressing down on the second. Relief at the 7th fret is .010 (capo on 1st, holding down string on last fret). String height at the 12th fret (5/64" Treble), (6/64" Bass). I have normal 10's on and I have a stoptail piece.

I at one point had too much relief as it felt 'muddy'. I actually straightened the neck out more because I read that if you have too much relief, the strings can buzz in the 5-10 range because they're hitting the 12th fret due to the dip in the guitar and then hitting the 12th on the 'way back up' the fretboard. When straightening it, it started to feel better and better, but it never got to the 'buzz free' point before it was then going to be a back bow... I got to about .004 relief at the 7th fret.

From all of my reading, the only things I could think of that it might be at this point is the nut or my frets. I have no buzzing with open strings though, so does that rule out the nut? I know people say, 'Take it to a pro to set up', but no, I want to do this, I do not quit. Also, one's perfect setup, may not be right for me. As I know some setup guitars differently than others.

Help is MUCH appreciated as I want to enjoy this guitar since I've been wanting a PRS since a kid and the dream's finally come true, yet I'm not to the point of just being able to play and enjoy.