I learned a few important lessons in the last 2 giveaways and, hopefully, provided a little entertainment.

In my 1st contest, our very own Master of Pups (Chris Reynolds) won a rare and vintage PRS Singlecoil Bass pickup. That contest was based on the most number of posts in a given time-frame.

In my 2nd contest, Timmy Walls won a gold #8 bass by playing eruption in the shower with one of his PS guitars. This was a "people's choice" photo contest.

So what's next? I'm looking for ideas. I'll spend the next week looking for something cool to give away. Between now and then, how about some contest ideas?

Please Remember: This is not a PRS "Company" contest. These are my contests and I'm giving away my own property for our collective entertainment -- so I'm looking for reasonable suggestions that won't obligate PRS Guitars.

Thanks in advance.