2012 PRS SE Custom 24

Yeahhh, it finally came in Monday, and I picked it up Tuesday.
2012 PRS SE Custom 24

This is a lot heavier than the Santana, and of course my son's Semi-Hollow which feels light compared to any of the other ones hanging up on my wall of tone.

The Custom 24 is a long gidfiddle, it will not hang over the Carvin V3M head like the Santana.

I have mentioned this before in other posts, I was worried when I first looked at the Santana after reading it had a wide and fat neck.
Same neck basically as my son's Semi-Hollow, but they are very easy to play, just as easy as the slim and thin 60s style neck on my 2012 Gibson '61 SG Reissue.
I was concerned about that first, as I absolutely love the slim 60s style neck on the SGs of the early 60s.

Now the SE Custom 24 neck is very similar to the my Gibsons neck, it is also very thin and slim.
It is also long, were as my Santana is shorter.

The Gibsons scale is 24.75", and the Santana is 24.50" in scale.
I really took to my sons Semi-Hollow as it is a 25" scale just like my new Custom 24.

And of course the shop put on the Planet Waves Autotrim tuner for me.
Best tuners out there IMO, but they did have to drill a new screw hole and fill the others that showed.
All of the guitars hanging there have the Autotrims on them.
Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 3 + 3
They also strung it with Ernie Ball Super Slinky Cobalts in 9-42, best strings out there IMO.
They are on all five of the guitars.

First mod I did was to take off the stock end pins and put on the Schaller Strap Locks.
Schaller Security Locks - Nickel

I will do the Virtuoso Polish treatment to it this weekend.

The guitar plays beautifully, and there are zero flaws on it that I can see.
This is what I have come to expect from a Paul Reed Smith guitar.
Also the tone control is a push/pull pot, so in the up position, the pickups are tapped single coil instead of dual coil Humbuckers, so you get a Strat/Tele type of sound.

So what is my next PRS
The new 7 string SE Custom 24 they came out with looks interesting, but I have to master 6 first.
Maybe a Semi-Hollow like my sons.
I did suggest to PRS Tech Support that the Semi-Hollow would look much better with a carved top on it instead of the flat one.
Who knows, maybe next years will sport a carved top?
If so, I will be first in line to get one.

I should let my son know his is here, but I am in no hurry, his birthday officially is not until the end of the month.
If I have him to come and pick it up, I will snag a pic of us with the guitars.

Here are a few pictures now of the whole herd.
Pics do not do any of the guitars justice as seeing them in person.
On the back of the guitar you can see the reflection "Gibson" from my stool.