Hey Guys,

I just wanted to ask some other true PRS players the question posed in the above thread title?

I have a gorgeous 1992 PRS Custom 24 (it's a translucent, emerald-like green lacquer over a gorgeous piece of wood). It's not a ten top, and it does have a bolt-on neck. Absolutely love the thing. I'm pretty anal about my guitars so it's almost completely flawless ... not even a hairline scratch on the black backing. I picked it up from a PRS collector and private dealer several years ago, and bought it brand new (although about 15 years after it was produced). It was never played. And, due to how damn hectic I've been since I picked it up, it still looks the same as when I bought it other than me regularly oiling the neck and working to polish all of its hardware to shine.

My question comes down to its worth, I suppose. I was talking with some other musicians, and a couple of them were pretty sure that any of these models that dated prior to 1994 are more valuable. They stated that this was due to more hand craftsmanship during this time period. We all know all the true American-made PRS guitars are extremely high quality, but due to the fact that less machining and more hand labor was done prior to 1994, the guys I talked to seemed to agree that anything predating the 1994 era kept a higher value (at least as far as a regular CE24 goes). And no, it doesn't have the Dragon pickups, either.

I found some evidence supporting this through various blogs but the info seems spotty at best.

I'm just damn curious now. Anyone have any information about this?

Looking forward to reading some comments/feedback. Anyone that replies -- thank you very much for your time.