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Thread: John Mclaughlin converstion with PRS and Guitar

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    John Mclaughlin converstion with PRS and Guitar Specs

    I really enjoyed this years Experience, the atmosphere, weather, artist and music was inspiring.

    On Saturday I missed PRSh's conversation/Clinic with John McLaughlin. (I was stuck on the bridge for 2+ hours in traffic, also missed Grissom and Knowles as well as Skaggs and Kilby). I was hoping someone captured this on audio or video? If so please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

    Does anyone know the specs on John McLaughlin's guitar. It appeared to have DGT electronics but I was curious what pickups were in it (53/10?), neck; number of frets. The craftsmanship was amazing.

    If you missed him playing Friday night you missed an inspirational experience. It was trully amazing. The tone in his hands is unreal. To hear him speak before hand showed how humble and genuine he truly is. Thanks so much to PRS, Bev and All PRS Employees for providing another superb event.

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