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Thread: A Well-Oiled Machine!

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    A Well-Oiled Machine!

    I am still taken aback by the ease with which the 2012 Experience flowed. Leaving the factory open most of the time (allowing people to spread-out inside the factory as well as the outside grounds) was a great idea. It never felt too crowded, despite the notable crowd. PRS has definitely got this event figured out.

    The Lounge area in the schwag tent was brilliant! There were some fierce Foosball tournaments and some happy kids. I felt bad when Shawn and I had to give 'em the smack down. Who knew 10 and 11-year-old kids were so good at trash-talk?!?! And the giant bean-bags were a life-saver. This was the best part of EXP2012 (for me).

    It seems like guitars and amps were flying off the shelves. Every time I turned around, someone was coming up to me to open a guitar case. It was awesome!

    I want to offer one more "THANK YOU" to the PRS company for putting this on again. It keeps getting better and better.

    I also want to extend a special thank you to Jamie, Wilerty, Markie, and 3-Mike. My wallet fell out of a hole in my pocket. I lost credit cards, all of my ID, and all my cash. I hope whoever kept the wallet gets caught with it in their possession. Given what was in there, it will be a long prison sentence. Anyway... Jamie picked me up, chopped on my jacked-up toes, changed my bandages 2 days later, and took me back to the airport. Wilerty gave me a lift and shared some Scotch. Markie gave me some cash and some emotional support (In the wood library and otherwise), and 3-Mike drove me back to the factory in the middle of the night and helped me search the PRS factory. We looked under tables, in dumpsters, in the trash cans, and even in the porta-potties until almost 3AM. My wallet was never recovered by my faith in people is as strong as ever.

    It was a wonderful weekend and I made a few new friends while strengthening existing friendships. I also had the chance to mend some fences.

    Life is good.
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