One of the most fun parts of XPRS2012 was getting the chance to talk to Doug Sewell, who is a heckuva nice guy. But I had a specific question for him. I had recently decided to buy a Sweet 16 combo, based on the demos and reviews I'd heard and read. Being a strictly basement player, a nice low-power PRS amp seemed like a good choice for me. After I unboxed the amp (only a few weeks ago) I noticed that it was labelled as a "16+" but didn't pay much attention in my rush to dime that baby. Yowza. I loved it and did some online research which turned up - exactly nothing. So I cornered Doug after one of the demo sessions this weekend and asked him about it.

Well, his reaction was to nearly fall down laughing. He said, "Before I say anything else, do you like it? And did you notice it was kinda loud?" After hearing an affirmative answer to both, he told me the story (with the help of Mike Clark, who was also sitting there amused). Basically, he said, it's a "joke amp" - apparently an unnamed Nashville client wanted a Sweet 16 and Paul asked Doug to "work his magic" on one as a prank. So he jacked the power up to 40+ watts (apparently using 6L6 in place of 6V6 tubes) and swapped in a different speaker (Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET65) and sent it off. A little time passed, and Doug got a call from Paul - 'What the hell did you do to that amp? And more importantly, did you write it down?'. Turns out the un-named client *loved* it, so they made a few more.

Bottom line is I got what Doug and Mike described as a CAD amp at a core price. Apparently there are fewer than 20 of them out there - anybody else lucky enough to have gotten a hold of one?