I'll start by apologizing for the lengthiness of this post and rambling on, but I want to share my 1st trip to the Experience with those who have not been able to go it
Right from the get-go on Thursday afternoon when we arrived, I felt like a fish out of water a bit by the enormity of event. 2 people in particular, I owe a lot to for getting us off on the right foot that made everything go very smoothly....
Jim Deemer and Beverly Fowler - THANK YOU so much. You made me and my friends feel like family right away and throughout the weekend. I can't thank you enough. My introduction and 1st sighting of a PRS guitar started with family(my father) in the early 90's and that feeling of family extended through this weekend by your graciousness - as well as from Shawn, Paul, Hans and many of the forum members I met. Again, thank you.

Bev might kill me next year for posting a pic with her, but oh well

Myself and Mark Tremonti

I finally got to meet Clint Lowery. Been a fan of his for many years. from Sevendust, Dark New Day to his acoustic Hello Demons...and his newest band that he sings lead and plays guitar- Call Me No One. I have to say he's maybe THE nicest guy I've ever met. He took the time to hang out and talk with us for awhile, signed some stuff for us and gave me a guitar pick. I'm happy he's got his own SE model coming out.

Paul and Clint introducing his new SE: