I'm putting this thread on a general discussion thread since it is not specifically related to private stocks per se. Here goes....

Here is my Private Stock Angelus. Lovely guitar...have it for about 4 months now. Bought it from the original owner who apparantly didn't own it for very long.

Here is the serial number and date as noted under the finish, as is typical of all Private Stocks.

Now here is the interior sticker that indicates a date 8 days later. Reasonable. I can see a few days between final finish and application of sticker.

Now, as I was sorting my cases earlier, I noticed the Modcat on the case for the first time.....

So, does this mean that the guitar sat for well over a year before it was cased for sale? What's with the 1 year 3 month delay between the guitar's "completion date" and the "date of manufacture" on the Modcat? Just curious, and wondering why the extended delay.

Inquiring minds need to know

I'm posting this on the Vintage Rocker forum as well. Thought it might be relevant there, so no need to duplicate responses if you posted there already.