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If this is the deal that I was a part of, that is not how it went down. The one I had a part in was on the sales floor, not at a dealer booth. As far as I know, those guitars are open to any dealer to sell. I made a phone call to see if I could help out a friend and fellow forum brother. He couldn't afford the price he was quoted from a dealer. He really loved the guitar & I tried to help out.
I'll be glad to talk to anyone offline about details. I do not want to do any mud slinginig' here online. The deal I "witnessed/took part in" (as did quite a few other forum brothers) was just a friend trying help out a guy who was in love with a guitar. It all worked out in the end. The guy is getting his choice of 2 brand new guitars. He would've loved to have flown home with that guitar, but he now gets to cherry-pick the best one. A PRS Regional Rep was involved in this so I know there were no PRS rules broken. If I did something wrong, then let me know. I was just trying to help a dude out.
And just to be clear, I am not a dealer & am not employed by any dealers. I'm just a guitar junkie enabler.
Chris, if this is the deal I'm recalling, you were part of the solution, not the problem. Good on you for shedding a positive light on a dark situation. It resulted in a happy ending.