It's been about five weeks since the HX/DA arrived, and the amp has been getting lots of good work done in my studio. It's breaking in nicely - maybe it's breaking me in nicely as well - and already it feels like it's been my main piece of gear forever. In fact, it's led me to rethink what I'm using on the ol' pedalboard. And right now, I'd say I'm rollin' pretty retro; I've rediscovered how great a wah, univibe, and fuzzface sound together, especially with a vintage style amp like this one. It's been a while since a fuzz has graced my pedalboard!

My only sonic concession to modernity is a digital delay, that's there simply because clients request stuff utilizing more than simple delays fairly often. Everything else is straight off the WABAK Machine (though I do use modern versions of these pedals, because my originals died many, many years ago).

I don't feel a need to use an OD with this rig, because the amp delivers such great overdriven tones in such huge variety! And the rig sounds blissful with both the A-V and SC58 guitars. The amp is so versatile, but the fuzz adds a nice touch of mayhem - or when I clean it up by rolling off the volume on the guitar, it adds some brightness and presence. But in any case there's that "gggroooschhh" of a fuzz through a Plexi that is so familiar, and heck, it's completely on demand! Love it!

It's not that the amp doesn't sound great with newer styles of pedals, it most certainly does. But it almost feels like these old fashioned pedals were designed for this amp. Perhaps they were...