Here are some clips i recorded today..
These clips were played on a 2009 PRS McCarty Smokeburst with 5708s

Amp settings
"Perfect 10"
V=10:00, R=10:00, T=2:00, M=12:00, B=5:00, P=2:00

2 Channel C LEAD Channel
V=1:00, T=2:00, M=1:00, B=12:00 MV=10:00

Clip 1= Perfect10

Clip 2= Perfect10 with Slight OD

Clip 3 = 2 Channel

Clip 4 = Perfect10 rolling the volume down on the guitar.

Here is a pic of how it I got it: (I put on the Perfect 10 Label)

Here is how it will look once it is completed. (this is actually Nicky Moroch's amp)