Hello everyone. This is my first post and I'm looking forward to being a active member here. I'm hoping you guys could help me out. I've been driving myself crazy for months trying to decide which color Custom 24 to buy. I really like Goldtop, Blue Crab Blue, Eriza Verde, Amber Black and McCarty Tabacco. I know that's a lot to choose from but I can't narrow it down to one. I do love the Goldtop and I'd say it's at the top right now but I haven't seen in person Amber Black, Blue Crab or McCarty Tabacco. I can't find any of those in my area and I've drivin several hours to shop at multiple guitar shops. I realize that ultimately I'm making the decision but if maybe you guys could sway or give some input, I'd be very happy. And if anyone owns a Blue Crab, Amber Blk or McCary Tabacco and could share a pic that'll be great to. I've one seen glamour shoots and not real life pictures. Thank you for helping.