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    Always seems to be more popular with employees and artists than I see represented on guitar forums. I'm determined to have one in the next year or two. I've borrowed a few over the years (including one with 3 Narrowfields) and I hate having to give them back.

    Does anyone here have one? I'm leaning towards all black with moons and a Bigsby, but would love some photo inspiration if you've got it.

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    I wish I had one. I think Starla pups are some of the best. I have loved the times I have played them. Just haven't found the right one for me. I would have to have the stoptail version and so far I only have tried the Bigsbys.
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    Here's a little photo inspiration for ya'

    My dealer had one in Vintage Mahogany with moons that looked so classic it could have been sixty years old. I really want to put a set of these pups in my SCJ but they'll have to release them in gold first. (Hey PTC guys, you hear that? Gold Starla pups!)

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    Visually they just don't draw me in... Maybe that's why you don't see much chatter on the forums? Some of the other PRSi - Come for the looks, stay for the TONE.

    The Starla has always had a bit of the "Ugly Duckling" thing going for me. Never had a chance to play one, never even seen one for sale in person. I guess if I got a chance to play one and loved the tone - I'd learn to love it.

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    I'm the opposite. I think they are the coolest looking things around. Especially with the Bigsby. Sort of retro and futuristic all in one package. On my eBay keep an eye out list. Yours is beautiful Daniel.

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    I like them, but would really love to see a Bigsby on a Mira!!!



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    I like 'em. I had a Silver Sparkle Stoptail Starla for a while. Way cool guitar.

    I'm a fan of the pickups too.

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    I played a Starla when they were originally released and fell in love with the feel and tone. They have been haunting me ever since but I haven't had the funds to pull the trigger on one yet. I'm quite partial to the Bigsby btw.
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    I ordered this one when the stoptails first became available. It showed up with P-90's, which IMHO was pretty cool as the guitar wasn't offered this way. It's named "The Mistake" as I never got anything but a head scratching response about what I've since modded it with a 59/09 in the bridge and a set of lockinng tuners....It's really a great sounding guitar and with the P-90 in the neck position it really adds a different flavor tonewise than my other PRS's. I do have a Bigsby on my SCJ and I can say it's the only guitar I've played with one that stays in tune!

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    This is a really beautiful Starla. Congrats! I have a Vintage Mahogany with the bird inlays - and the Bigsby. I love the Bigsby. Gotta love the Bigsby. ;-)

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    I love the starla! I love the pickups! I will have one some day. All black I think.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by james View Post
    I've borrowed a few over the years (including one with 3 Narrowfields) and I hate having to give them back.
    Never seen a Starla with narrowfields (much less three of them). Would love to see some pics if you have any.
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