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Thread: Maybe I'm Just A Little Too Happy With My Rig

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    Maybe I'm Just A Little Too Happy With My Rig

    Here's how I am with the SC58/HXDA combination: I've been dreaming in guitar. Nearly every night. The guitar and amp combination are always the same, the SC58 and HXDA. And the tones aren't some imaginary thing, or what I've heard on a record, or even using my prior guitars and amps I liked a lot, it's always the actual tones I get with this combination.

    I have never dreamt in guitar before, that I can remember. I have dreamt in keyboards, and especially piano, but not all that often. My keyboard dreams are mostly about writing a piece of music, not about sound.

    But lately, I've been having dreams where I'm playing my guitar rig, and I'm actually working out tones and parts in my head. I'm not on a stage, I'm not having some kind of a rockstar dream. I'm in my own studio, alone. There is no talk, just musical notes. Talk about getting the "tone you've always heard in your head;" I'm dreaming tones and they sound just like my amp and guitar. As I said, this has never, ever happened to me in the past, and now it's happening consistently. It almost feels a little strange!

    I have no idea whether this is normal. I'm not complaining, mind you, I feel more connected to my playing and equipment than ever. If my hands ever catch up to what's going on in my head, that'll be another story.

    Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else? I have no idea what is causing it.
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