So I followed PRSh's admonition about "buying an ice cream cone if you go to the ice cream shop" at XPRS 2012, and I came home with both a XPRS P22 in "Autumn Sky" and a 2 Channel "H" head with a matching faceplate. Besides being gorgeous, the P22 is a stupendously good guitar...I really love it, and it's already near the top of my guitar posse. The 2 Channel H is my first foray into PRS amps, and I must say that although I haven't had the chance to spend much time with it since XPRS, I'm very impressed with both the clean and lead channels.

So what's the problem? Well, when playing through the H yesterday on the lead channel - after only about a minute or two, at the most - all of a sudden, the sound just stopped. I immediately thought that it might be a cable problem, but that didn't seem likely as I was using a Mogami Platinum that's well cared-for. Then I noticed that the main power light on the amp was still on, but the red LED channel indicator on the front was no longer lit. Uh-oh. Stepped on the footswitch, and still no sound...and no blue LED on the clean channel, either. I unplugged the footswitch and tried the channel mini-switch on the front panel...nothing. Switched it to standby and then back on...nope. Turned it off completely and turned it back on...still nothing. (I did check the instrument cable (and speaker cable) and they're both fine.)

Obviously something significant has gone wrong. I am going to pursue support through normal channels with PRS customer service, but in the meantime, I know there are a lot of 2 Channels out there among the forum members, and I just thought I'd see if anyone has had a similar experience or any suggestions as to what may be the problem.

Here's a picture of the amp...hopefully we'll have it sounding just as good as it looks shortly....