This Studio arrived Friday! I think I finally found a PRS that is everything I ever wanted in a PRS & more...super versatile, cuts through the mix, plays/sounds like butter, looks to kill, etc. The words "warm" and "chimey" come to mind when I plug it in, which is right up my alley as mostly a clean player. I also think I've found the lead tone I've always had in my head with the volume/tone rolled back a bit in the 4th position using the full blown humbucker and some gain...killer warm, creamy, singing lead sound! Compared to my SAS Studio, the SAS is quackier, snappier, and definitely more Fender-like. On both, I found lowering the neck & middle pickups, & raising the treble pickup did wonders for the tone/balance of the guitar as a whole. Thanks to Eric for taking the great photos below!