I dunno. I haven't met anybody who actually thinks you "need" more than a couple of electrics and an acoustic. 9 out of 10 gigging guitarists around here that I know have just one (that they play out anyway...and maybe another one at home.) If finances are tight, and it's impacting family life, then of course spending on multiple guitars is silly. If you figure on loosing half of what you paid for stuff when you get rid of it, and you can live with that as the cost of having fun, no problemo. The price is in-line with most other non-essential hobbies even for a stupid amount of guitars.

For me, I would never even thought of having more than my old SG and a strat for most of my life. Not that I'd have been against it, it just wouldn't have ocurred to me. Then came a work project which required getting a dozen or so Les Pauls of various configurations and various vintages (attempting to model differences, which turned out more or less to be a fool's errand.) Although, and not surprising, it was tough to demonstrate repeatable and measurable differecnes in these things, I found that I loved playing all of these different guitars. Getting to know and understand them as individual instruments. It was entirely an emotional reaction, and intellecually I understood that there wasn't any real difference in tone that would matter to anybody listening to me play in a live environment. But it was a ton of fun nonetheless. Then I was exposed to PRS (again, I blame work, but only tangentially in that case.)

So, I have what I consider to be a stupid number of guitars, but they do get played. We gig a couple dozen times a year, and I try to rotate most of them in. And I lend some out. And I just have fun with it. That's my story and I'm stickiing to it! If I had to liquidate, I'd get by just fine with my old SG and strat.