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Thread: PRS's biggest failure, sales wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugerpc View Post
    I can't say that I would ever buy a guitar JUST because some artist has his name on it - there needs to be a better reason. My favorite guitarist is David Gilmour, but there is absolutely no chance that I'm going to rush off for a Gilmour strat.
    Mine TOO!

    ...and I owned the NOS Gilmour Strat. Trust me, the MAGIC isn't from that Guitar.

    I WOULD LOVE to see what Mr. Gilmour would sound like with say a "Paul's Guitar" in his hands. Yes, I know it would sound like him but I think it might even be MORE wonderful to listen too!
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    too many artists series

    The PRS line is a work of art in and of itself
    Woods and colors are awesome

    I think the vari-tone-like pickup selector knobs
    were a mistake, but I think thats been remedied

    IMHO, of course

    FWIW I LOVE my SE Custom 24
    Can't wait to hold my very own 408

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarsong View Post
    My mistake Sergio, I thought you wanted one of the original rastas.
    No mistake what-so-Iver my friend! I was just under the impression that there were only three made, my post just reflected the mini-stroke I was having knowing there are more out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    I kind of like the headstock inlays on those.
    ME TOO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACE View Post
    Some of their failures were real turds, like the McCarty II and the 25th McCarty with narrowfields. Others turned out to be collector's items like the Metal model which didn't fly off the shelf when it was introduced but is now a collectors piece.
    I must personally disagree. i think my mccarty 25 nf is the best sounding guitar i have heard in my 30+ yrs of guitar playing. and with that, i will meet you at the flag pole after school to mano-mano this one out!!! (lol)

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    My EG Series II experience

    Quote Originally Posted by CE-man;23618[FONT=georgia
    ]Early EG's didn't fly very well.[/FONT]
    I can respect the opinions of those who aren't EG fans. My personal EG experience goes like this. I bought an EG Series II H/S/H NEW IN 1992. I never was totally happy with it, but I held on to it anyway. Now, 20 years later I really like it. My playing style changed and now I am able to get more out of the EG by playing with a lighter touch and a tad more finesse. The guitar didn't grow on me, I grew into the guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t.shamone View Post
    That's a nice and probably expensive attempt on the theme. Too bad they got it wrong. The colors always have to read green, gold and red from left to right.
    Rasta's always say "Red, Gold & Green".

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabl10s View Post
    Rasta's always say "Red, Gold & Green".
    You mean like this Ras?

    Peep the order on the official Ethiopian Pony Flag.

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