While I could attempt to seek patent protection for my invention, I have no plans to do so at the present time. One of the reasons why I chose to disclose my design in a public forum is to make it more difficult for a morally-challenged company to seek patent protection for my work (it becomes more difficult for another party to patent a circuit when prior art exists).

My addition of the “non-commercial use” clause in the posting is to prevent others from even thinking about claiming my work as their own. While I created this mod as a service to the PRS community, I expect anyone who wants to use it commercially to extend the professional courtesy of contacting me first. I will more than likely grant remuneration-free use of the circuit with the caveat that ownership is not claimed by the person or organization requesting use. I have already unofficially granted PRS royalty-free use of the circuit. If PRS feels the need to have a formal written agreement, all they need to do is to contact me.

With the above said, I may be forced to seek patent protection because the United States is moving from a first-to-invent to a first-to-file patent system in 2013, which will alter the definition of prior art. If there are any patent attorneys or agents on the PRS Forum who would like to help me prepare and file the patent application for this circuit pro bono, I would be eternally grateful. My goal in seeking patent protection would be to prevent an unscrupulous person or organization from preventing me and others from using my invention license-free. Sadly, patent trolls are a fact of life today, and I seriously dislike feeding trolls.