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Thread: NGD - SC58 Artist Fade

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    NGD - SC58 Artist Fade w/Maple neck!

    I've been after an SC58 just like this since they were introduced.... problem was, back then it would have been a PS order given the neck alone. Upon my visit to the Experience a few weeks ago, I was hoping to find something similar now that the Artist pack was out there. MANY guitars piqued my interest, however, why not just order it the way I invisioned it....

    That lead me to searching the old interweb upon my return home for some additional ideas before I placed the order.... a simple search - "PRS fade" revelaed this beauty. I could have sworn that someone got in my head and stole my vision!!! LOL!

    Born on 8/15/12... this guitar was destined to be mine. Here are a few quick pics.... the finish is gorgeous but impossible to photograph. When the weather improves a bit, I'll take some more with my SLR.


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