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    NGD - Now It Can Be Told

    Because there just aren't enough Devo quotes in the world!

    Apologies for not divulging this earlier, but I was asked not to say anything until I received the guitar in question, and given that Eric Martin went the extra two-and-three-quarters miles for me, there was no way I wasn't going to respect his wishes.

    I always go to Experience with a couple ideas in mind, which usually don't pan out. This year, the 408 was on my list. Saw the tables, also saw the big sign.

    No...not that one. The one that said NOT FOR SALE. Okay, no biggie. Kind of figured that would happen - the new models usually aren't ready for sale at Experience.

    But one of the other things I check when I'm there is the finish dates - with an early September birthday, I've thought it would be cool to get a guitar finished on my birthday. Six years of Experience, never found one.

    Until this year. On the NOT FOR SALE table.

    But some information was exchanged that led me to Eric's table with the info, and I said, "I want that guitar. The one on the table. Because it was finished on my birthday and it's the first one I've found in six years." Eric was probably more excited about that than I was. So we exchanged the info and he said, "Let me see what I can do." My credit card yelped. My wife didn't. (In fairness, she did ask if I was really interested in that model, and if I would just buy any guitar finished on my birthday, to which the honest answer was, "Yes, that's one of the models I was interested in. And no, I wouldn't buy just any guitar because it was done on my birthday." Because my guitar fund ain't that unlimited, and I don't think I can run after enough kids in enough games to build it up that far!)

    So, Friday, at the talk PRSh was giving, the phone went off w/an e-mail from Eric - "Come see me." Arrangements had been made for another guitar w/the same specs. My wife said, "Same finish date?" And Eric's eyes almost bugged out of his head - he said, "Right -the date! Wait here!" And gone. About five minutes later, he came back and said it was all taken care of. BUT...I had to wait to have it shipped. No worries - I got a guitar I wanted.

    Yep - it was THAT one. The one that everyone seemed to be talking about. But it was a case of everything seeming to fall into place - it was a 408. It was Frost Blue Metallic, which almost got me to call about a DGT Standard when I saw that color. It was a rosewood neck. And it was finished on my birthday. It has hybrid hardware, too, which is a first for me, and Eric pointed it out to me - I hadn't noticed it before we completed the order.

    And it's here!

    Because I was working, all I had a chance to do this morning was pull it out and give it a quick look. I gave it a quick strum in the case and almost fell backwards - it was loud. Then I figured out it was just resonating with the case, so I pulled it out of the case and strummed it again. I was wrong - it wasn't the case. It was just loud. And resonant. But when I was done working, I took it down and plugged it in.

    Oh yeah. I like this one. Talking to someone at Experience, they said it was a tone machine. They weren't kidding - it covered everything I threw at it with my limited range. And then some. And it kept its clarity even when I used heavy gain. RW necks - if I couldn't remember dating in high school, I'd say nothing felt better than a RW neck in my hands! The pattern neck feels very comfortable as well. I notice a tinge of volume drop going to single coil mode, but that's all it is - a tinge. Nothing like my Mira.

    Major thanks to Eric Martin for getting this done, and taking the extra steps to make sure that we got THAT one!

    I'm a happy boy tonight! (And my wife is staying at least arm's length away from me right now...)
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