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Haha pulled them out of a McCarty NF? WTF indeed! I feel like buying a PRS with narrowfields is pretty much buying the guitar FOR the narrowfields. But it worked out well for you! I can't blame you for buying them without really knowing what to do with them, that's one of those things you just have to jump on - now you have one of the most unique axes around!
Agree, I was in the market for a NF3 purely because of the narrowfields, but then this guy offered these to me (I've known he's had them for over a year, always said I'd take them off his hands...). Unique - yeah I guess it is, thanks!

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That is very cool.

You, Sir, are a PRS "owner"!
Thanks Hans, although I must admit I missed the "owner" thread and what it was about! (was it BaM or here...?)