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Thread: Gibson L-7 Q: Not a PRS but need its year? Can anybody help?

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    Gibson L-7 Q: Not a PRS but need its year? Can anybody help?

    Hey Gang!

    So my wife's high school GF comes over a few weeks ago and as we were chatting she says oh you play guitar? I have my Dads guitar hanging on my wall for years now... Its a Gibson something or other....I told her to bring it over and i'll tell you what you have and if its worth anything then get it looked at....

    S0... what she brings me is an Old Gibson L-7 original case and other than some playing wear and the pick gard fell off (still has pick-gard) its in fine shape and very playable!

    Serial number A-5688 can anyone help me with what year this beauty is???



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    Hey man thanks for the info and i'll be sure to post some pics when i get a sec....

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