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Thread: Not another "conspricacy theory" from Bennett again???

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    Ahh....Bennett what a can of worms you just opened...I am from NY....and I spent four years at Fordham in the Bronx...Fordham Road, Webster Ave, Arthur and Belmont Ave's...Hughes, Bathgate, Lorrillard...
    I know the neighborhood all too well. As recently as 2007, I was coordinating Rapid Opiate Detox in a Surgi-Center in a neighborhood about 2 miles from the Bronx Zoo.....but one that had a calculated street survival rate of approximately 3 minutes...AKA you walk around the neighborhood for more than 3', odds are that you're gonna get shot.

    Oh...during my internship days in the late 70's....I moonlighted at a Medicaid Clinic on the Grand Concourse and 148th St. Not to mention the group home I worked at for 2 years in the early '80's located between Park and Morris....right near the elevated D train where they would throw bricks and light-bulbs at you from the platform as you tried to negotiate the path from your car to the hi-rise tenement where the group home was housed.

    Have I stirred up some memories??? Have I explained why you moved to the South West???

    Edit...or did you??? I see your location has changed....or am I imagining things???

    Edit Edit....great scene from a great movie, BTW
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