OK, I just bought one
It is not the UK one, but close, but it is so new it is not up on the PRS products page yet.

It is called a SE Tremonti Custom which means it has a thicker carved body, 245 pickups, tremolo, and wide/thin neck unlike the current SE Tremonti which has the standard SE treble/bass pickups (same as my Santana and Custom 24), and a wide/fat neck.

Comes in black/gray only, and I should have it within two weeks.
It will get the same treatment as all of my other guitars such as Ernie Ball Cobalts in 9-42, Schaller Strap Locks, and Planet Waves Autotrim tuners.
I have a set of black Schaller Strap Lock pins in black at home, so I will use them on it.
My straps though have the nickle colored locks on them.

I saw some pics of it at the store from his email, it looks nice.

I have an empty spot on my wall since my son has his SE Semi-Hollow at his home, so this will takes its place on my wall

Oh, my dealer is looking into a hard case for it too, perhaps a PRS one if it fits, or one he has in stock.