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Thread: SE Tremonti Custom!

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    I'm so happy for you dude, that's awesome. I hope you love it, I thought it was an amazing guitar myself. I just can't wait for my replacement to come in. probably next Wednesday or so. Just in time for me to have to change the shipping address, but that's a minor gripe.

    Definitely take a lot of pics. Can't wait to see it!

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    Congratulations!!! You're going to love it.

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    3rd times a charm!!! Good to hear it finally made it after all the malarchy you went through!! Enjoy it, can't wait for your long awaited pics!
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    Congrats bud! I hope after all this it's a stunner!
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    About damn time Corey! I sure hope it was worth all this trouble. Looking forward to seeing the pics and hearing how you like it.

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    Just into my inbox, so anyone looking for one, Sweetwater just got some more in stock:
    PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom (Grey Black) Now in Stock

    Hi Corey,

    We're excited to tell you that the PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom (Grey Black) you wanted is in stock and ready to ship today. Visit the following product page link now to start your order.
    Order Now from
    It's not uncommon for these products to sell out again soon, so please place your order quickly to reserve your spot. When you shop at Sweetwater, you will enjoy personal service, the lowest prices possible, free shipping and a free 2-year warranty on nearly everything we stock, and free lifetime tech support.

    Thanks for choosing!

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    Hello Everybody.
    As an owner of a PRS SE Tremonti Custom in Grey Black, I wanted to say that this particular finish option is rather strange (in a good way). I've seen many different pictures of it online going from a really dark black to a super light grey, and mine has landed somewhere between! It has a touch of green in the finish that I really dig, my only problem is the cream PU surrounds don't really go with it, thinking of swapping to the rather 'white' USA ones. Anyway to round up a rant, has anyone else got a GreyBlackGreen finish on theirs?

    P.S. To anybody thinking whether to buy one or not, I say GO FOR IT. They are amazing sounding and super comfortable for the price (which is ridiculous!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bainesbucker View Post
    has anyone else got a GreyBlackGreen finish on theirs?
    My buddy's has a green tint to it in certain light and I think it looks great. Has a fairly "quilty" flame to it too.

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