I just wanted to share a quick story and some photos from my festival last weeeknd. Every year I put on an "Ausfest" music fest where all of my favorite and local players come and play and we have several bands throughout the day and open jams and then my band closes at the end of the night.

I took 3 different brands of guitars with me and I put the PRS on first and used it the whole night without tuning it, changing guitars, nothing. I literally have found my #1 and it's just perfect for me. It's a 2010 CU24 LTD 10 Top that came with 57/08s. I removed the rotary though and put in PRS's 3way/PP drop in just for faster pickup changes live.

This guitar is just perfect for me in every way and for someone like me who is all about covering every base and getting exact tones from recordings for covers - gone are the days of having to haul 5 different guitars for every tone. With my CU24, a pedalboard, and a great clean platform amp I can literally do everything with just one instrument. Making the switch to the 3 way made it even feel more at home to me as I come from playing LP's for so many years.

Here are some photos.

And my fav:

(If only that damn mic cord wasn't hanging over the headstock!)

Thanks to PRS for making the best guitar for me. It really has changed the way I play and my guitar rig going forward.