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Thread: How do SE & US-made neck profiles compare?

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    How do SE & US-made neck profiles compare?

    Hi Guys,
    The PRS website says that the Pattern neck profile, which is seems most US models have, is similar to their Wide Fat profile from back in the pre-factory days. The Pattern Thin is an updated version of the Wide Thin profile.

    Does anyone know how these profiles compare to the current Wide Fat and Wide Thin profiles on the SE guitars? I have a SE Custom Semi-Hollow that has a Wide Fat neck. Would this be similar to what I would get with one of the US made guitars with a Pattern neck?

    My SE Custom 24 has a Wide Thin neck that feels pretty similar to the necks on US made Tremonti and Navarro guitars. So can anyone let me know how the pre-factory Wide Fat necks compare to the current SE Wide Fat necks?

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    I have played and currently own both. I have a 2002 custom 22 with what was then (in 2002) sold as then"wide thin" neck. I have a 2008 single cut se w/ the se fat neck. And the most current model in my collection is a 2009 mira w/the US wide fat neck.

    The se neck profile (IMHO) is more of a fat rounded "C" shape, very similar to mid level takamine acoustics (think a hunk of wood in your palm that amazingly feels comfortable all the way up the frets.)

    The wide thin neck on my '22 is more reminiscent of the neck profile found on late '70's Gibson solid body models. Not entirely comfy in 1st position, but for speedy runs in the upper register, it's a dream. I use that guitar for faster playing and copying solos for covers, and it feels great.

    However, despite how the custom22 feels, my fav is easily the 09 mira. The US wide fat profile (at least on my mira) has a significant amount of chunk, but right out of the gate, the "V" profile is instantly felt. It's got a nice profile that i love for all styles.

    To answer your question about how they compare, the US wide fat necks feel more refined, and comfy than the general hunk of wood they give you for the Korean models. However, they still feel like some of the best electric necks for under $1000.

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    There is a BIG variance in the SE neck profiles. All of mine are described as W/F, and some of them are. But some are as thin as a USA W/T, and some reside in between.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gag halfrunt View Post
    There is a BIG variance in the SE neck profiles. All of mine are described as W/F, and some of them are. But some are as thin as a USA W/T, and some reside in between.
    Definately. My Bernie and the SE 245 are both described as having a Wide Fat neck but the neck on the Bernie is definately bigger and much closer to what i'd imagine 'Wide Fat' to feel like.

    Didn't like the feel of the neck on the 245 when I tried it - although i'm sure I could have grown to like it given enough time with it.
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