I was just watching a video on the UK only Tremonti SE Custom and, though the guitars sounds great, I couldn't help wonder while watching how it sounds aside from someone nailing some nice blues licks. Kind of the one thing that sucks about youtube demos is that the players generally do play either bluesy or solo a lot. Not sure if it's due to copyright kind of things or what, but you rarely ever hear them play how a majority of the guitar playing public actually plays when trying a guitar out, by playing things a bit more familiar such as songs and whatnot.
Which brings me to this post. When you try out a guitar, whether it be in a store, some random persons fiddle, etc, what are your go to things you to see if a fiddle is for you.
Myself, I go to Drop D and play some Creed riffs before tuning down a full step to see how much clarity the guitar can keep when tuned down a little and play some of my own bands tunes. So how about you all?