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Thread: More Things To Love About The HX/DA

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    More Things To Love About The HX/DA

    I've pretty much settled in with this HX/DA. I realize I've posted a lot about it, so please forgive me if this all seems repetitive!

    Here's what I love:

    - The Master Volume works really well. With most amps, the master kinda works, or works within a small range. With this amp, it sounds good pretty much no matter where I set it. That's great, because lately I've been using a ribbon mic that doesn't need as much volume to sound saturated as my dynamics seem to require.

    - The ability to blend the HX and DA gain, and to switch either certain parts of the circuit or all 3 of them to one or the other setting to change the tone of the amp, is very cool, and allows for nice customization of the sound. The tone controls sound great throughout their ranges.

    - The amp sounds gorgeous, the tones are absolutely addicting. These are also incredible at the 'clean with some hair' sounds.

    - The amp isn't fussy about ancillary gear. Every pedal I've tried in front of the amp sounds good with it. Even pedals that I sometimes think suck tone with other amps seem to work well. It's very flexible.

    - It sounds good with Humbuckers and Single Coils. Some amps seem to prefer one or the other. This amp gets along with everything. I just love it. The folks at PRS really thought this through very carefully, and every detail simply works great. Couldn't ask for a better amp. It is a true instrument.
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