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Nope....Excellent overdriven tones at bedroom volume if you want....no compromise in tonal quality or overdriven gain at lower volumes whatsoever.
My HX/DA is absolutely, positively, the best sounding low-to-moderate volume amp I've ever had in my studio. It's got a really useful master volume. And the gain control is extremely useful as well.

I can get enjoyable tones with it with the master on about nine o'clock, and I record with the master around 11 o'clock. At the 9 0'clock levels, you can actually hold a conversation at normal levels while playing, and not be drowned out by the amp. Even with the amp at 2 o'clock, I would call that a normal gig volume. Not horribly loud.

My only caveat is that one man's bedroom volume can be the next man's "OMG it's loud" volume. Since I don't know which guy you are, I'd hate to give an ironclad prediction that it will work for you, see you spend a lot of dough, and be wrong. You should try one, or buy from a dealer who has a return policy just in case.