This is a boring topic to use for a post, but can someone educate me on amp fuses? Thankfully I've never had an amp problem at a gig, or a fuse problem ever, but I always take spare tubes to gigs just in case, and I'm thinking it would be smart to have some spare fuses too. Anyone ever blown a fuse or know how often it happens? My SE30 has a "Main" fuse, filament fuses, and B+ fuses, and as far as my limited knowledge goes, the main fuse is usually the one located on the back panel of an amp. What do they all do? Since the "main" fuse is the easiest one to access, I would assume it's the most probable one to go out? I'm sure there are a lot of variables that play into it, but it seems like if a fuse blows in the middle of a set, you better hope it's the one that's accessible on the back panel. Also, the main fuse on the SE30 is inside a little compartment in the power cord connection, and it's kinda tough to get into, any tips? I would think maybe the Maryland amps use the same thing.

I have a gig next week, my band is all classmates from dental school and due to the demands of our program we don't get out and play a lot. So I really try to be sure that when we do have a show, all the bases are covered. It's one of the few times that I have a lot of people wanting to buy me beer, so it has to go right!