Hi there...

So I've got a 2012 Cu24 which I absolutely love. I've got quite a few other guitars that have naturally "reliced" over years of use - so I'm no stranger to and not really bothered by the "less than perfectly smooth" neck. However, I've read a bit about the virtues of the newer v12 finishes - and I'm seeing on "my precious" a possible chink in the armor. Where the finish meets the fretboard it seems that something has caused the finish to flake off a bit (see image). The larger circle is definitely more noticeable where the smaller of the two seems to be the start of a newer blemish point.

This isn't really in a place that would distract playing much - but my questions are:

1) is this a known "weak spot" where the open wood is a point where moisture can be introduced into the wood (sweaty hands, general humidity, etc...) and cause some issue where the finish meets?

2) If I don't want to send (can't bear to part with) the instrument to the fine folks at PTC, is there a recommended diy repair method? e.g. light sanding around the chip edges w/ super ultra fine and then gently seal the edges with some L'Oreal clear nail polish ...?

Thanks in advance!