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I've seen several people post about this issue (with pics) on several different forums since purchasing a new P22 artist package last Thursday.

I don't want to return the guitar if this is a fairly isolated issue, but I don't necessarily want to take the chance that my guitar will be one of the ones with finish-related issues. Even if the finish-related issues start during the 24-hour approval period, the dealer isn't going to take the guitar back if the finish chips while it's in my possession. And, what good does sending the guitar back for warranty repair do if PRS is just going to apply the same super fragile finish?

I wish PRS would've held off on releasing guitars with the V12 finish until these issues had been sorted out. I, for one, would rather have had a guitar with the old finish, even if it allegedly sounded a little worse, than a guitar with a finish that falls apart when you look at it.

Apologies for the negative post. I love PRS guitars, and as a Maryland native, I couldn't be prouder of PRS as a company. But, this P22 is my dream guitar, and I'm bummed that the excitement over receiving it is being compromised by this issue.
I would bet it's more isolated than you fear - this being a forum that has direct communication to the company, I think many people with issues are coming here - compare these issues to the total number that have been done, you're likely talking about a very small percentage overall. For what it's worth I have 4 V12 guitars in Houston and they haven't had any issues - if they can survive this heat/humidity, they can take anything.

(I do have one in nitro that's flaking, but the V12 haven't shown any problems)