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Thread: My Journey: The Caretaker vs The Owner

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    The original thread got off on this foot too. It was about me and my journey and, somehow, became something more - like I was judging those who wish to remain caretakers, which isn't the case.
    Well it became something more because it's included in the PRS Lexicon that you linked to this thread:

    "Owner - Someone who is not afraid to play, modify, or scratch/dent his/her guitar. An Owner is prepared to consume the full value of his/her guitar in his/her lifetime -- leaving only a worthless pile of sticks on his departure. An Owner makes each guitar "a tool" to accomplish a task. A beautiful tool, sure... but a tool nonetheless. An Owner regards his/her guitar as a diary of a life well-lived. An owner is the opposite of a Caretaker."

    Now, I realize that you took a certain poetic and creative license here. Nothing wrong with that.

    If you meant to apply it only to yourself, you should maybe call it "Hans' Lexicon" instead of the PRS Lexicon? Because nothing in that definition limits its applicability to only you. And if memory serves, you made this definition up, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    You're saying you're not "judging those who wish to remain caretakers." I suppose you can make up a definition of a word, and apply it to whoever you like, and not make a judgment about them, as in whether they're good or bad. But to define someone (even yourself) necessarily involves a judgment as to whether a person at the very least fits into that category.

    And by the same token, the people you'd define with your own special meaning don't have to accept your definition.

    As an Owner, I have no wish to consume an instrument and leave a worthless pile of sticks. I know of wonderful instruments treasured and used professionally by generations of their owners and players, that were built in the 17th and 18th Centuries. They're used to their very fullest potential to make music that people enjoy, most by professional orchestra players who play the full repertoire on them. What else would you have them do?

    Leave a pile of sticks on top of everything else?

    Of course not. I know you don't mean that. But they're hardly caretakers. They probably spend more time practicing and playing than most of the folks you'd define as "owners." Many practice - not just perform, practice - 8 hours a day. They play the crap out of these six and seven figure instruments.

    So part of my Ownership decision making is to keep the instruments in a condition I personally enjoy and demand for my own professional use, and part of my Ownership decision is to do the opposite of leaving a worthless pile of sticks.

    I think it's perfectly cool that you'll make your own ownership decisions for yourself. But that doesn't make this one an owner, and that one a caretaker.

    Meantime, you're a great guy, I like you a lot, and I have no quarrel. But I'd prefer to stick with the dictionary definition, "A person who owns something." I work hard and sweat blood to Own my instruments. That's what makes me want to keep them in great shape. And enjoy playing them all the more.


    PRS Owner.
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