While I wait for my question to be answered by customer service, perhaps I can pass this on to the entire forum.

I was questioning whether the guitar whose serial number I sent in had an Indian or Brazilian Rosewood neck. the seller insists BRW. He tells me that the PRS website indicates that IRW necks did not start until 2003. this is a 2001 McCarty...here is the hang tag...

The tag just says "Rosewood". The serial number is 58028, from 2001 (8-10-01). I can't post pictures of the guitar, but the neck is definitely rosewood...I just want to verify that it's Brazilian. The guitar has been purchased already, but is awaiting final verification of the status of the neck wood prior to being shipped/paid for.
PRS Customer service...if you see this before my email from yesterday is replied to...feel free to reply via the forum for everyone to see. thanks!