Paul's band will be performing two shows at the Ramshead in Annapolis on January 6th.


Paul Reed Smith Masters Class and Concert
The Paul Reed Smith Band will be preforming and conducting an all ages Masters Class and Concert on January 6th at 3 PM for students, young people and adults. Students will be taught music including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Some young master class attendees will be chosen by the band to play in the band during the Master’s Class and Concert. Michael Ault is the premier guitar teacher in Virginia. The Grainger brothers have been teaching music, drums, and bass for the past 25 years and Paul has been teaching music for the last 8 years. A concert featuring the band’s new singer Mia Samona Davis and new keyboard player Benjie Porecki will follow the Master Class in the same 3PM event. This is a “Not To Be Missed Interactive Event”!! BTW, if you always wanted to sing backup vocals in a band, all attendees will get a chance!
Venue Information:
Rams Head On Stage
33 West St.
Annapolis, MD, 21401

and the later show:
Paul Reed Smith Band
At 7 PM on January 6th, the Paul Reed Smith Band will take the stage. The band performs all over the world including England, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Italy. The music is “Chesapeake Gumbo” – an Annapolis/ Baltimore music style that is a combination of funk, rock, RandB, jazz, fusion, gospel, New Orleans Meters, hiphop, and melodic instrumental music.