Yeah I know I dragged it out... But as you all have come to know, I am methodical if nothing else. HUGE Thanks to Derek Morgan from[/URL] for being so great to work with and enabling my methodical side and allowing me to really get close to this guitar before making my final decision. I also need to thank Derek for being so willing to make such a great deal with me on my longtime custom shop '60 relic strat. I have not been in financial situation to have a NGD despite this particular model and color breaking my G.A.S. ban for first time in the last 4 years. If a Frost Blue Metallic DGT standard was going to happen for me, it required me to be REALLY SURE, and some really fair negotiations on said strat, and Derek provided both in spades. If this inspires you, I am pretty sure Derek has it's FBM DGTs twin still in stock at a perfect 7 and a half pound weight, amongst his other fine stock of PRSi.
Without further ado, I properly present to you all: "Francis Kenneth (Frank)"

And of course the obligitory sign that I have taken "ownership":

Last but not least, which set of appointments do YOU dig?

Black rings with amber tip:

Metal rings with metal tip: