So slightly inspired by the Dave Knudson thread and my own penchant for flexible guitars, got me wondering about how many of the available sounds people use on their guitars?

I've always been fan of the 513 (and now the 408) and how much flexibility they offer, but there's something about the beautiful simplicity of a single pickup guitar, or dare I say it, a twin hb with no coil taps, that interests me.

As most of my guitar playing is cover band work (yes I'll admit it), I "need" a flexible guitar to go from funky inbetween strat tones to full on higher gain metal. Now obviously you can get a lot more out of your guitar making full use of the volume and tone controls (thanks Les), and case and point of this is the narrowfields, which are amazingly responsive to the volume controls.

So, what say you? Are you a "tweaker", one who changes tone during and between songs, making full use of those switches and knobs, or a "leaver" and just leaves them alone, lets your fingers do the talking and rocks out!

Again, these are very broad brushes that are off the cuff as I lie here in bed, sick for the first time in over a year. Not one is "better" than another, I see the appeal of both, however I am interested and maybe I or we can learn some stuff in the posts to come...