Just got my 2011 PRS Studio ... nice guitar, 57/08s are great but feel the Narrowfield pickups are a bit muddy and bass heavy in the neck position. When comparing the sound of the neck pickup to my McCarty with 57/08s and Custom 22 (with 57/08s) if feel I get more clarity and more top end chime on the McCarty and CU22 than the Studio.

I thought it would be the opposite. When I rollback the Volume to 7 or 5 it removes the bass which is great and problem is kinda solved, but loose the power of the neck pickup. Do you guys have the same experience? Do I need to mess with pickup height? I currently have the pickup height even to the pickup rings. Is there anything else I should be doing?

Paul Reed Smith is doing a free clinic next week and will certainly ask him that question.