Ever since PRS introduced the SAS NF, I have dreamed of having one in white wash...similar to the old Mary Kaye style strats. And since I've been asking, I've always been told "no, we won't do it. It's too hard of a finish to work with". So I accepted this as the answer from PRS.

Then they re-introduced the Artist package this spring, and I asked again about having it done, and was told "no, the SAS isn't included in the Artist package options, and white wash isn't a finish we offer other than private stocks" (and the NF3's and DC3's). So I was talking to Jack Gretz one day, and just mentioned to him that I wish they would make even just one! Well, the next day, Jack called me back and asked if I was serious about it, and I of course said YES!! So he somehow worked some magic (of which I know about, but won't disclose publicly) and low and behold, a few months later she has arrived!!

This is seriously one of the coolest guitars I have ever owned, and it sounds and plays fantastic!!! I can't give enough credit to Jack for making this happen. He really went out of his way to get it done.

...even a fancy flamed maple neck and fretboard!!