Just picked this up Saturday. after playing mostly LP style guitars for years this is by far my favorite to play. The 53/10 PUs are sweet! In the neck they are not muddy and definitionless like mosts LPs. I could play clean or metal with ease and it sounded
sweet! Like the feel and playability. now for the acoustic/piezo side. SWEET!. then decided to try it though a Baggs Para DI before going to snake! WOW that really made it jump out. I have been to venues where REAL acosutics did not sound this nice! I play on a worship team weekly and at times lead so you can already see how sweet this will be for what I will be using it for! Just love the feel of it. Love the volume knob location and love the fee of the lamp shade knobs. The flats all the way around give nice grip when using pinky to roll the knob! this is the nicest Guitar I have owned! I have have had REAL Les Pauls too. This thing absolutely sustains forever too. the guitar is alive even when unplugged!
Well here it is