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Thread: New guy with ground hum noise issue - SE Santana

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    New guy with ground hum noise issue - SE Santana

    Not my first PRS, not even my first with a ground issue. My previous (Custom 24 SE) was dead quiet on the bridge, sounded like a chainsaw on the neck.

    This new Santana is dead quiet in the middle position but there's a distinct hum on either pickup alone.

    Granted -- We're talking about some gain here. But if it can be reasonably quiet in one position, can't it just be quiet?

    I'm not much of a "regular" player anymore -- But all my old guitars from my long-hair crazy metal days were dead quiet, apart from the occasional "have to be touching it" issue. With these SE's, I just don't know... Is it just inconsistent pickups?


    I probably should mention, I really love this thing otherwise. Great feel, wonderfully playable and quite attractive as far as 'yellow' is concerned. Just gotta get past this hum thing...
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